Kitten transforms from miniature and poor into a sweet young cat with black and white fur

Emilie, an animal rescuer and volunteer, got a request from another rescuer around a month ago to aid a litter of premature and newborn kittens.

A 7-8 month-old poor cat was sheltered by the rescue effort and as it was discovered, the cat was pregnant.

“We think she went into early labor and ended up having five babies,” Emilie told the cat magazine.

The next morning, the mother quit caring for the kittens, and the litter soon died.

Despite their best and most extensive attempts to save them all, Fievel, the kitten, became the single survivor and was fighting for his life with everything he had.

Fievel came into foster care with Emilie in severe condition.

“He was uncomfortable to the touch, couldn’t lift his head, and had difficulty in breathing,” Emilie told the news.

“The first five days were quite tense because I had to tube-feed him every hour to keep his blood sugar stable.”

Fievel was a premature baby, so the chances were stacked against him.

He couldn’t suckle from a bottle and needed help eating.

In an incubator that helped control his body temperature, he was kept warm under blankets.

“My heart would race every time I opened the incubator because I was frightened that he had died.

But every time I opened it, he screamed for food.”

The cute baby grew up and became strong enough to be adopted into a loving family.

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