One cat picked up from the farm learns to trust knowing her kittens will live a better life

A cat that was rescued from a farm learned to trust because she knew her kittens would have a better life.

They were living in deplorable conditions, and many of them need emergency medical assistance.

Julie, an animal rescuer, was alerted of the issue and volunteered to assist.

Chatons Orphelins Montréal, a Montreal-based animal rescue, brought them all in.

Among the cats was a pregnant and terrified tabby named Alba.

Therefore, she was put into a foster home after a much-needed vet visit.

Where she was introduced to indoor living for the first time.

The adorable tabby cat had a taste of luxury being indoors with her own room, a clean, snug nest to sleep in, and lots of nutritious food.

Furthermore, she began to come out of her shell, approaching her folks and seeking attention from them.

Alba’s confidence grew as she realized her family of six was in capable care.

She was so happy with all the soft items to knead on that she purred and slowly blink at her foster mom every time she entered the room.

She was relieved to receive some much-needed help feeding her demanding offspring.

And she began to take tiny breaks to refill with food and affection from her people.

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