Touching moment a 4-year-old girl sings ‘You are my sunshine’ to her dying cat

It must be a really particular bond between children and animals, because it’s always a touching sight to see them hanging around.

Truly speaking, the extraordinary affinity between this 4-year-old child and her senior furry buddy is undeniable.

Abby has had an unbreakable bond with the family’s cat, Bailey, since she was born.

The 14-year-old senior cat and the little girl became the closest friends and did everything together.

Despite the fact that the two have experienced many sweet moments, they used to have a particular routine that could melt even the hardest hearts!

The adorable little girl consoles her aging pal by performing her favorite song, “You Are My Sunshine.”

Erin, Abby’s mother, even recorded one of their emotional moments on tape, with Abby serenading Bailey while the cat fell asleep in her human arms.

Furthermore, the cat appears to grasp every word her beloved person says.

Their charming act immediately captured everyone’s attention.

However, as a sad aspect of life, animals live far shorter lives than humans.

So, as Abby grew older, her kitten became older, and her medical condition deteriorated by the day.

Until, regrettably, she died. But not before she shares one final emotional moment with her dearest buddy.

Abby had one final chance to perform “You Are My Sunshine” to her dying friend.

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