Unexpectedly ugly and so special needs stray cat has a family who thinks she is beautiful

One specialist, called Lori Farris, is 50 years old, a specific education tutor and a professional.

While she was walking home from work one day, she stumbled upon a stray and lonely kitten, which did not look to be in good condition.

Farris agreed to take the cat home with her and to clean her up.

She had no idea that this cat was like, becoming a significant part of the story.

Therefore, Farris brought the stray and abandoned kitten to the clinic a few days later.

She later discovered that the female cat was just 5 weeks old.

The veterinarian discovered that the kitten had not only fleas, but also eye problems and parasitic infection.

Aside from that, the kitten looked to be in good healthy condition.

Fortunately, all of her problems resolved themselves over time.

Her face and lips, nevertheless, were not typical to a cat.

Because cats can now have Down’s Syndrome, the vet indicated that she had a syndrome comparable to.

But that was not identical to Down’s Syndrome in cats. It might just be a congenital malformation.

Unfortunately, the vet informed Farris that perhaps the kitten would also most certainly be euthanized at a shelter owing to her odd features.

She needed to offer this cat the best possible life, so she went to her house.

Willow was the name of a cat as Farris chose.

Willow acclimated easily to their better beginning with Farris.

Ella, Farris’s dog, was even connected to her.

According to Farris, the pair have been devoted since Willow rejoined the household.

Willow and Ella frequently play and hug together.

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