Stunning actress Cameron Diaz is quitting her acting career to spend more time with her daughter

A lot of actresses and actors and prefer career over family,many choose the last instead and after years of brilliant career they devote themself fully to the family life as it is not easy to coincide family life and career,this is true especially for women.



The talented actress Cameron Diaz is one of those who chose family life over career.who always actively acted in films and is loved by many,now decides to quit her acting career after marriage to Benj Madden.She wants to devote all her time to her family.

She gradually realized that she still wanted children.At the end of 2019 Cameron gave birth to her daughter.When her daughter was 3, Diaz decided to return to the cinema and began to work on the film “Back in Action” where she co-starred with Jamie Foxx.


The film was just a huge success.The other day the actress decided to leave the profession.She realized that she wanted to focus entirely on raising her daughter.She got very tired of 10-hour work shifts and besides she adores spending time with her daughter.Her husband Benj Madden did his best to support Cameron’s desire.He even visited the set with his daughter.Let us wish Cameron happy family life and hope that she will play in films later.




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