A photographer captures twins celebrating their 100th birthday: the photos below

To celebrate their 100th birthday in style, these twins agreed to participate in a very original photo shoot.

And it’s safe to say that the talented photographer went all out: the photos are exceptional!

The setup is refreshing, showcasing the two women in an enchanting setting.

One dressed in pink, the other in blue. They almost look like two “little girls” joyfully playing in front of the camera. Yet, these are indeed centenarians! These adorable twins clearly prove that you’re never too old to party.

There’s no age limit to reinventing oneself and surprising others. In this case, we are truly amazed by these two ladies, fresh and vibrant, who seem to revert to childhood for the duration of the photoshoot.

Take a look at these stunning photos shared by Buzzfeed.

It’s not every day that one celebrates a century of existence! Even rarer for twin sisters who have journeyed together through all those long decades, sharing the best and worst moments.

Isn’t it miraculous to still be together, hand in hand, celebrating one final birthday together? That’s certainly what Maria and Paula Pignaton must have thought. To mark their 100th birthday in 2017, they had to make this special occasion truly memorable.

As the oldest living twins in the Holy Spirit (Quebec), and holding the second place nationally, photographer Camila Lima was thrilled to immortalize this unique moment.

Embracing the concept, the twins were genuinely surprised by the setup the specialist had prepared for the occasion. Indeed, she orchestrated the cutest and most colorful photo shoot imaginable.

Set in a rustic backdrop amidst lush greenery, they were surrounded by a pink Volkswagen, balloons, flowers, and cakes. The stars of the day, these ladies began their 100th year with style and elegance.

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