At 75, this grandma is a “fitness influencer” who is a hit on Instagram: the photos below

Nowadays, sports are considered an essential activity for a person’s well-being. In this sense, it is recommended to exercise regularly to stay in shape and maintain health.

But even if the benefits of sports seem indisputable, some people struggle to get moving and adopt a regular physical practice.

To encourage more people to engage in sports and maintain a healthy lifestyle, a grandmother has become a fitness influencer and shares her inspiring fitness routine.

To boost the immune system, increase metabolism, and achieve a harmonious figure, sports prove to be a powerful ally. While some people have managed to transform their physical appearance through their fitness routines, everyone is capable of reaching their goals with motivation and perseverance.

Reported by CBC, discover the story of Joan McDonald, a 74-year-old fitness influencer, who defies social norms and proudly shows that despite her age, her iron will makes her a true source of inspiration.

Joan McDonald, a 74-year-old Canadian, decided to dedicate her life to her passion: sports.

Gaining numerous followers on her Instagram account, the septuagenarian reveals her experiences and her most painful moments.

In reality, Joan did not always have a healthy lifestyle and a slim figure.

At 70, she weighed 90 kilos and suffered from several conditions such as high blood pressure, gastroesophageal reflux disease, arthritis, and water retention.

She felt uncomfortable in her own skin and constantly took medication to relieve her ailments.

At that time, her daughter, Michelle McDonald, who was a fitness coach, informed her that her overweight was worsening her condition.

To encourage her to act, she explained that she had two options: either she continued with the same lifestyle and faced the full impact on her health, or she decided to radically change and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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