“Uncle, you are so pretty, can you marry my father,” the little boy asked the pediatrician, and then came the most interesting part

She was a young pediatrician who had recently finished her training and found employment in a small community. She was born and raised in the city, but she preferred the tranquil, small-town atmosphere.

He was enthusiastically welcomed in the city because it was difficult to find skilled medical personnel anywhere, much less in a small community.

began his work during the height of the flu season in the spring, when doctors were on call nonstop.

She was utterly worn out at the end of the day because she worked in the hospital and the emergency room. One day she receives a call to look after a boy who is 4 years old.

During the inspection, the child could hardly open his eyes due to a high fever. “Auntie, you are so beautiful,” he murmured as he turned to face her. Please get married to my father.

Without mom, it’s incredibly difficult for us. was shocked. She had no idea where the boy’s mother was at first because he was so defenseless in his bed. But after that, she was even more indignant. She left the room after writing a prescription. The boy’s father followed her and started talking right away:

“Please let him go. Simply put, it appears that fewer women are paying attention to her. I make it work somehow, but who am I kidding, he has a fever and is in bed.

The young father was brought to his senses by Oksana, who then gave him the recipe and left. She often only visited patients who were under a year old at home. They should then drive themselves to the hospital.

But because of how much of an effect this boy had made on her, her grandmother claimed that her mother had started seeking for a more wealthy partner.

began paying him a daily visit. Even before she arrived, he had already begun to heal and had even made tea for her. The men were pleased to have him home, and he gladly received his treats. After they were fully recovered, they resumed their customary teatimes.


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