A blindingly bright yellow bird with an equally bright red and spiky hairdo – making him very hard to miss

An animated, blindingly bright yellow tiny bird with an even brighter yellow face and a blazing spikey sweptback wig!

The collared red start (Myioborus torquatus), often known as the collared white start, is a warbler found in the tropical New World.

Their top portions are uniformly dark blue gray.

With have got glossy green-tinged feathers on the lower back and upper rump.

The underparts are brilliant yellow with pale highlights on the vent and under tail coverts.

Between the throat and the top breast, there is a dark blue gray border.

The tail is blackish gray with white feathers on the outside.

A brilliant crimson patch is swept back on their head, flanked by a slender black line.

The face, lores, cheekbones, and throat are all a brilliant yellow color as well.

The eyes have a dark brown color. Males and females appear quite similar.

Juveniles, on the other hand, have a duller overall appearance, with a brown back and pale yellow under plumage.

Their heads are completely slate-colored, with no brilliant yellow markings or red crowns like adults.

Collared red starts are found only in Northern Costa Rica and Western Central Panama.

The Collared Red start inhabits high elevation oak woods and margins, brush-covered ravines.

And mountain pastures at elevations ranging from 1500 meters to treeline.

However, depending on where they dwell, they have also been sighted from 2200 to 2500 meters.

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