A granddaughter asked her 89 years old grandmother to be bridesmaid at her wedding

Nobody anticipated the consequences when Christina Quinn requested her 89-year-old grandmother, Nana Betty, to be a bridesmaid.

But a few months later, Grandma showed up for the wedding and demonstrated by her presence that she overall impression that life can (and should!) be enjoyed at any age.

Christina, who is still close to her grandmother and speaks cordially with her, recalls that grandma “joked all evening, shared humorous life anecdotes, and also gave wise advice.”

Grandmother was given a special spot on the wedding bus, so instead of returning home to rest, she joined the other guests in continuing to celebrate our nuptials!

All night long, she danced! It was especially heartwarming when they danced with my fiancé’s grandmother.

Nana remarked, “You are as old as you feel, and that day I felt youthful. We all grow older, but it doesn’t mean we have to become frail.

She questioned my certainty 10 times. She also questioned why they required an elderly woman at the wedding. You are only as old as you feel, and right now, I feel young.

Grandmother was upbeat throughout the marriage, making jokes and occasionally offering guidance and sage words.

“I try to take lessons from her since she has a great sense of humor and her own perspective on life. Nana is beloved by all.

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