A shimmering coat of yellow flecked with scarlet and rufous and black all combine to create one of Latin America’s most colorful birds

A brightly colored bird that is frequently observed in small groups, darting over the canopy of fruiting trees or soaring across clearings and between trees one after another.

The collared Araceli (Pteroglossus torquatus) is a toucan, sometimes known as a wonderful and cute bird.

Males and females of this vividly colored toucan with a big beak seem quite similar.

The head and chest of this 41-cm-long bird are black.

While the upper portions are olive green with a bright red rump and upper tail.

Moreover, it has a reddish collar on the neck and a brilliant yellow belly with a circular black patch in the center of the breast.

And a red-tinted black stripe across the belly complete the look.

Their thighs are chestnut, that is so attractive. The skin surrounding the eye is dark and getting red.

The top beak has a dull yellow color with a black Sawtooth pattern on the cutting edge.

These beautiful legs are green, and the lower beak is black.

This species’ juveniles are duller, with a sooty-black head. Their tops are brownish-green.

The red rump and yellow underparts are lighter, as are the breast spot, belly, and bill pattern.

From southern Mexico through Panama, as well as Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, and Costa Rica, this species breeds.

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