The Heroes: An Angelic Cashier Steps in to Help a Stressed Mother with Her Screaming Toddler

A mother is grateful to a cashier at the local Dollar Tree who helped her during a hectic day.

When her child started throwing a tantrum inside the store, the distressed mother didn’t know where to turn.

Fortunately, the cashier, Fatimah, knew exactly what to do. She took the little girl in her arms and showed her how to scan the items. Completely fascinated by her new “job,” the child immediately calmed down!

The mother couldn’t have been more thankful for the help from the Dollar Tree cashier. In fact, she was so touched that she filmed the encounter and posted it on TikTok.

“This angel at the Dollar Tree in West Orange, New Jersey, took my daughter in her arms while she was having a full-blown tantrum,” wrote the parent, adding, “There is nothing more stressful than a checkout line and a screaming toddler.”

Commenters were quick to applaud Fatimah for her kindness. Many even tagged Dollar Tree to let the company know that their caring cashier is doing a fantastic job!

“This woman seems like a candidate for management,” wrote one internet user.

“This employee went above and beyond to take care of your customer!!!” added another.

Watch the video below to see how this Dollar Tree cashier saved a stressed mother’s day.

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