Barber shop workers clean up a homeless man and reunite him with his family

Unfortunately, in life it happens that some people, against their will, find themselves at the bottom, without family, housing, and work.

Today we want to share with you a touching story that happened to 45-year-old Brazilian Joao Coelho Guimarães.

The man has lived on the street without a roof over his head for many years, but thanks to the caring employees of the beauty salon, his life has changed dramatically.

And it all started with the fact that he was offered a free haircut.

Joao Coelho Guimarães entered the living room to ask for a razor to clean himself up a bit.

The man’s appearance clearly wanted the best, and the masters offered to help him transform.

“We decided to help this man because we saw how much he needed it.

And when he asked us for a razor, we decided to give him a full makeover,” the hairstylist explained.

Hair salon workers clean up a homeless man and reunite him with his family.

On the same day, the homeless man was offered a real “Beauty Day”.

We have several social aid projects, and we are very happy to be able to help people, whoever they are.

During the pandemic, many people have lost loved ones, while others find themselves in financial difficulty.

A little help is always welcome in such a difficult time.

Alessandro said when asked how often his salon helps the homeless.

The man was not only trimmed, but the craftsmen also trimmed his beard and gave him clothes: shirts, numerous pants, a jacket, and even shoes.

The work lasted about two hours.

All the hairdressers and stylists who were free at that time volunteered to help.

The result shocked everyone. Joao looked amazing!

Is it possible to discern in this respectable man a homeless man who came two hours ago to ask for a razor.

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