Blind Golden Retriever gets his own guide puppy to help him explore the world

Dogs are unquestionably a gift to us all. They are not only amazing companions who make our days brighter, but they are also necessary for individuals who face developmental or medical difficulties.

Guide dogs for the blind, commonly referred to as seeing-eye dogs, are exceptionally special canines with extraordinary skills who have been properly trained to guide and escort a person with poor vision or who is fully blind through a completely dark environment.That is what we mean when we say a unique companion. It turns out that these special puppies are helping not only humans but also other canines that are in need.

It concerns Tao, a 10-year-old Golden Retriever who travels the world with the help of a guide puppy of his own.

Unfortunately, Tao developed glaucoma, which caused him to lose his vision. Melania, Tao’s human, was horrified by the information and feared the worst.

On the other side, the older Golden Retriever showed that he was a real fighter. Even yet, he found blindness to be a severe obstacle.

But when he met Oko, an 11-week-old therapy dog, everything changed.

Tao seems more content than ever with his new friend, despite the fact that he won’t be able to travel as often as he used to.

Tao is not only guided by Oka, but he is also given the opportunity to view the world from his perspective. Although he is merely a guide dog, he is a pretty unique one.




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