Determined mom and dad build a custom wheelchair for their 7-month-old baby

Kimberly and Brad Moore built a custom wheelchair for their 7-month-old daughter, Evelyn, after deciding they couldn’t wait for one.

They followed an online tutorial, and it cost them around $100.

At 4 months, Evelyn had a spinal tumor and was diagnosed with neuroblastoma.

It left her paralyzed under his arms; luckily, she eventually went into remission.

Doctors told Kimberly and Brad to wait until Evelyn was 2 to get her own wheelchair.

Evelyn’s parents didn’t want to wait, and now they have a speed bump in their house.

Evelyn is fearless in her wheelchair, according to her mother.

The wheelchair consists of a cutting board, castors and a Bumbo chair.

It didn’t take long for Evelyn to learn how to use it.

Pediatric oncologist Bev Wilson said Evelyn is a happy kid.

Evelyn is constantly on the move, visiting the nurses and greeting the other children. She is like the other children but faster.

A few times a week, Evelyn is supported by a harness and walks on a treadmill.

It has helped her improve her bladder control, boost her immune system, and gain more control over her lower body.

Kimberly and Brad work hard to make sure Evelyn has a normal childhood.

They have many challenges to overcome, but Evelyn is happy and her health is improving day by day.

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