Famous producer got 864 tattoos because of the fear of insects: See the pics

All people are afraid of something.

Someone heights, pricks or harmless teddy bears.

And few dare to take radical measures to eradicate the phobia.

But Mike Amoya – he could, and became the world record holder. Meet Mike Amoya.

Producer, musician, businessman. Successful and prudent.

The fact is that Mike has been afraid of insects since childhood.

Here is the very, fierce phobia that nothing can cure.

But being a strong-willed and purposeful person, he challenged himself – at the age of 21 he stuffed a bug on his body.

And it started, now he has 889 individual insects on his skin!

True, when they began to count for the Guinness Book of Records, the specialists rejected the very beauty, they say, centipedes and scorpions are not insects by science.

So there are only 864 individual images of insects on the body.

But still double the previous record! Incredible and at the same time very dangerous!

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