George Strait is now a grandad of 2 and sells family ranch he bought after his daughter died in 90s

George Strait, the legendary singer, has overcome several challenges during his career, all while being supported by his wife, Norma Voss.

Their love affair, which has lasted for half a century, began when they were children.

Strait claims that he and Voss grew up in the same little town of Pearsall, Texas.

They both attended the same high school in their hamlet, which is located south-west of San Antonia.

While they never considered having a connection with each other as they were younger, his love for her ultimately surfaced during their adolescence.

Voss was characterized as the actress who was the first fell in love with a man.

According to him, he just asked her out and went on a date with her.

They split up soon after, until Strait discovered how much he missed their time together.

He eventually reestablished their romance and never looked back.

They married on December 4, 1971, in Mexico.

The musician enrolled in the United States Army, where his wife joined him.

While in Hawaii, the celebrity launched his musical career, eventually making it famous with the help of his wife.

Their marriage gave them two children and has grown over the fifty years.

Jennifer was killed in a sad accident when the automobile she was traveling in with three other passengers lost control, flipped over, and crashed.

The event occurred in San Marcos, Texas, and the kid was the only one killed.

Strait and his wife were emotionally taxed by their daughter’s terrible death at such a young age.

In a homage to his daughter, the crooner stated that he and his family were doing everything they could to get through the difficult time.

However, neither of them found it simple. Strait avoided interviews and the limelight in general.

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