Interracial couple had unearthly beautiful daughter: What an angel looks like today

It’s true, what they say, that interracial couples have adorable kids.

Children take the best from their parents, one might say, they win a veritable genetic lottery.

The result of mixed marriages is sometimes striking.

So in this case, a real beauty was born from a black father and a white mother.

Kaya was born in 2015. Even in the room, her appearance impressed not only doctors, but also parents.

The baby was a mulatto girl with bottomless blue eyes and a blond fluff on her head.

Even then, it was safe to say that real beauty would come out of this baby.

And it happened.  After 4 years, the girl is a charm herself.

Kaya’s father is an African-American, former footballer, her mother is European, a model.

Michael and Kathy are both cute.

Unsurprisingly, the mix of genes gave a simply amazing result.

Today, photos of their daughter, posted by her mother on the Internet, caused a stir.

Various modeling agencies began to “hunt” the girl.

With some of them, the baby has already managed to even conclude a contract.

Most likely, soon, this cutie will have real success in the modeling business.

After all, the beauty has a rare appearance: she is a mulatto girl with heavenly eyes and blond curls.

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