Little boy waits patiently on dock every morning for his giant buddy to greet him

Young children creating close, special bonds with animals is a reasonably common (and generally endearing) sight.

On the other hand, those lovely interactions are more likely to happen with puppies or kittens than with wild animals.

As a result, it’s uncommon to witness a small child develop a strong attachment with a large stingray.

Additionally, the boy’s peculiar buddy resides in the ocean. Joel still converses with his enormous companion despite this.

In fact, the youngster waits for his friend to meet him every morning on the pier. In exchange, the small one offers it some fresh fish!

The bizarre encounter happened at Gran Rey, a tiny fishing village on the Canary Islands with a population of only a few hundred.

Gran Rey, a tiny fishing village on the Canary Islands with a population of just under 4,000, was the scene of the bizarre encounter.

A calm environment where individuals nevertheless have a strong connection to nature.

Kids spend their days fishing on the stairs near the village’s harbor, thus bycatch is typically returned to the waterways, attracting huge marine animals like stingrays.

Even still, it is amazing to observe a little boy feeding such a large, kind behemoth.

Thankfully, a traveler recorded the amazing event on camera and uploaded it to YouTube.

With around 60 million views so far, the film achieved its intended viral status.

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