School teacher travels 8 kilometers every day to feed poor students

No one obliges Zane Pauls to do this, he could hire a car and people who will do it, but the man prefers to personally distribute meals to his students.

Zane works as a teacher of primary schools in the British town of Grimsby.

Day after day, he must travel 8 kilometers to serve free meals to pupils from low-income households.

The man was previously a military man before working at school; he is also a sports aficionado who frequently participates in various promotions and charitable activities.

Two years ago, he participated in a cycling marathon and covered almost 2,000 kilometers in support of the Cat Zero Foundation.

He always communicates with students and their parents.

The most intriguing aspect is that the youngsters like him and often want more schoolwork from him.

Zane is carrying 78 food sets in bags and bags, totaling 18 kg.

As the guy puts it, a hefty weight is nothing comparing to what disadvantaged kids and their parents face.

Thanks to such delivery, children can devote time to studying, and not looking for a part-time job.

Pauls has long been regarded as a local legend, albeit he does not believe so.

On his walk now, he regularly encounters posters painted by youngsters with sentiments of thanks.

Even the local police admire the selfless teacher.

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