The story of a woman who set up a 20-year experiment and lived without money

Is it possible to survive in the modern world without material goods?

German psychotherapist Heidemarie Schwermer answered this question with her 20-year-old example.

This tells about a unique experiment of a woman who decided that the world would only benefit from a bit of selflessness.

In her 47 years, Frau Schwemer has managed to help many patients who find themselves in difficult life situations.

As a person inclined to empathy, Heidemarie tried to facilitate contact between those who need help and those who are ready to help.

Through her efforts, in 1994, the unique Give and Take program was founded.

The principle of operation was the mutually beneficial exchange of goods and services, without intermediaries, which money becomes in ordinary life.

It was enough to stick a sticker of the program on the door of your house, car, or backpack to indicate your willingness to share and help.

Shelter, food, or necessary things could be obtained by doing simple work or by sharing your skills.

In the life of Heidemarie, after a couple of years the children began to live an independent life.

And the long-term marriage fell apart.

Probably, personal experiences stimulated the psychotherapist to radically change her life.

At the age of 53, she decided on an extraordinary experiment.

The woman refused money for a year.

Which meant not paying rent, not buying food and clothes, but surviving the way the participants in the Give and Take program did.

She learned how to clean windows, mow lawns, worked as a dishwasher and a governess.

And some just needed communication and participation.

Schwemer gave lectures, wrote the book “Experiment of money from the sky. My life without money” and became the heroine of the documentary.

The proceeds were still donated to charity.

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