They put her baby in a plastic bag and when I found out why – I was speechless

We have always been told to keep babies away from plastic bags.

Thus, hearing about a baby in a plastic bag often gives a feeling of panic.

But you will find this particular story an exception.

And don’t be surprised if you find yourself clapping at the end!

Sharon Grant was just 28 weeks pregnant when she received shocking news.

Her placenta and umbilical cord were not doing their job well, so her little girl was not getting the nutrients she desperately needed.

As a result, she stopped growing and doctors said an emergency caesarean section was Sharon’s only hope.

On the way to the hospital, Sharon decided she was going to name her baby girl Pixie, as she was going to be born too small.

Indeed, the name seemed to fit like a glove to the little girl who weighed only 400 grams at birth and could be held in the palm of an adult’s hand.

But remember that big things come in small packages.

And God gave this little angel a great mission.

Things seemed to be going well at first, but then Pixie’s temperature started to rise.

And that’s when the doctors did something surprising.

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