A young family won a gorgeous snow white mansion of 5 million pounds for only thirteen dollars

Did you ever think,that you can win a beautiful mansion for just thirteen dollars?Can you imagine your emotions when you get it?

It is not a dream, it can be real.

The Potts family did not imagine that either.,but as miracles happen, luck was good to them and they won a beautiful, gorgeous mansion for only 13 dollars,the real price of the house is estimated at 5 million pounds.

The mansion is in Ascot.The wife bought the lucky ticket in January and now the family owes a luxury house.

The husband Ben Pott had been buying lottery tickets for years in the hope of winning but he was not lucky then.This year the wife Becca decided to buy tickets herself.

She did not tell her husband that she had bought a ticket.She won.

The family could not even imagine this kind of win and they joy was immense.The family lived in an ordinary house in the east end of London with their neighbor before.The wife was on maternity leave since the summer of 2021.

Their daughter celebrated her first birthday in a wonderful house with five bedrooms, four bathrooms, elegant furniture, a veranda and a garden.

Around their home in Ascot royal horse races are held annually.Now they can allocate one floor to accommodate for Becca’s parents when they come to visit the family.

The Potts family can sell or rent out their house if they wish.Omaze takes into account taxes and various expenses and they handed them 27000 dollars in cash.

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