This baby was ridiculed as a child for her unusual appearance: How she lives now

In the Indian family of Rajesh and Hemaxi, 20 years ago, a daughter was born, her name was Ganatra.

She was very different from all the other children born in India.

The fact is that the girl had fair skin, red hair and green-blue eyes.

And already at the age of two, spots began to appear on the girl’s face.

Not understanding what was happening to the child, the parents took her to the doctor, but it turned out that she had normal freckles.

Such an atypical appearance for India led to the fact that Ganatra was constantly ridiculed and teased at school, calling her ugly.

The girl was very hurt by the words of her peers, so in the end she herself began to be ashamed of herself.

It should be noted that it was a real mystery to everyone why such a baby was born to the Mumbai native.

The girl struggled with her complexes for a very long time, fortunately, she succeeded.

Ganatra has accepted herself, and now she is quite confident in herself, and only regrets being ashamed of herself for so long and caring about other people’s opinions.

Of course, parents, and relatives even advised them to take a DNA test to confirm their relationship, but Rajesh and Hemaxi are 100% sure that this is their child, so they just don’t need analysis.

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