This woman had twins with different skin tones and their current look will melt your heart

A married couple is therefore obliged to prove each time that the children are twin brothers.

Because Clay and Cole don’t look alike at all.

The woman gave birth to twins, but no one can believe it, because they don’t look alike

Clay has blonde hair, fair skin, and blue eyes.

Cole, on the other hand, was given other skin color, brown hair and brown eyes. It all depends on the genetics of the parents.

The mother is British, and the father is Jamaican.

The likelihood of transferring different genes to two babies is minimal, so everyone who gets to know them is confused.

“If we meet new people, they don’t believe us that the babies are twins”.

But as soon as new acquaintances realize that the guys’ mother is telling the truth, a lot of questions immediately arise.

“We are constantly stopped on a walk with questions about the twins.

When I got pregnant, my husband and I didn’t really think about what the babies would look like.

And even more, we didn’t think they would be the opposite of each other”.

It should be noted that the twins also have opposite characters.

But despite everything, they get along well.

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