Touching moment: During the wedding ceremony and the little boy couldn’t help but cry when he heard these words from his mother-in-law

Broad-shouldered sailor Josh Newville and his girlfriend, Air Corporal Emily Lehan, decided to legitimize their relationship, for which they asked command for a short vacation.

Then the newlyweds would have to return to the service, and even the honeymoon will not go smoothly.

So they tried to fit as many events as that is possible.

In particular, Emily prepared a special speech for Gage, Newville’s son from her first marriage.

And it was a sentimental surprise for all the guests at the celebration.

After the traditional ceremonies, the vows and the exchange of wedding rings, the bride, and now a young bride, then asked to speak.

Picking up the mic, she read a call to 4-year-old Gage, who she’s officially become a mother to.

Or is it a mother-in-law?

It is not about the formulation, but about the attitude of the woman towards the child.

A strong gesture, and for a four-year-old boy who grew up without a mother, the ultimate dream.

Need we say that his reaction was predictably touching?

Even grandpa Marine shed a tear at the tenderness of this scene, not to mention the dumbfounded guests.

We are sure that this family will have a bright future filled with love.

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