Watch mother moose protecting calf from grizzly bear in Glacier National Park

When a big grizzly bear tries to snare her newborn calf, a courageous mother moose does not back down.

She’s been pursuing the animal down in order to protect her child.

This is the grizzly’s second try, following his capture of a first calf a few days before.

The dramatic scene occurred in Glacier National Park, Montana.

And was recorded on camera by several hotel staff nearby.

The team was making last preparations for the hotel’s June 3rd launch when they witnessed the animal drama from a balcony.

The heroic mother moose can be seen in a series of photos pursuing the bear along the road and across water to keep it away from her vulnerable offspring.

Here’s a picture of the courageous mother moose following the grizzly bear along a road while being seen by hotel staff.

Who can’t help but capture the dramatic scenario from the balcony!

According to the hotel workers, the hungry bear snatched one of the newborn calves. Moreover, took it into the woods, and it has now returned for the second one.

This time, though, the mother is determined to keep the beast at bay, so she is fiercely pursuing it.

This occurred on Friday night, and thus the bear returned on Sunday to try to steal the second calf!

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