What does one of the most muscular female bodybuilders look like and live like: See here

This woman used to weigh barely 40 kg.

But one day, she gave up femininity to pursue a career in bodybuilding.

More than 807 thousand individuals have now signed up for her account.

At the age of 26, this girl established herself as a professional powerlifter, bodybuilder, and worldwide master of sports in the deadlift and arm lifting.

She is currently lifting weights that would be difficult for a man to pull.

In a typical session, the chest press is 165 kilograms and the deadlift is 240 kilograms.

This active sportsman, who holds 12 European and national standards in several categories, travels extensively.

According to the Instagram photographs, Natalia is now in Montenegro in the Balkan Peninsula.

But she doesn’t bother herself too much.

According to the woman, a few workouts each week are plenty to make her feel wonderful.

The bodybuilder stands 168 centimeters tall and weighs 90 kg.

Natalya acknowledges that she obtained her current physical shape, including with the assistance of plastic surgery.

She discloses to subscribers that she continues to manage her diet and level of physical exercise even while abroad.

It is simply impossible to pump up a woman’s breasts as she wanted.

However, it is this honesty that bribes all her fans in Natalia.

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