13-year-old hero saves 15 children by carrying them in his arms during a campfire, the article about this young boy read in whole world

Deputy of the Odessa City Council Alexander Ivanitsky was the first to speak about a 13-year-old boy who saved 15 children during a fire in the “Victoria” camp in Odessa. The boy’s name is Maxim Tikhonchuk.

“He carried the children out of five rooms. That’s 15 children’s lives! And on Monday he went to school with burnt hands…” Alexander Ivanitsky wrote on Facebook.

“Despite everything he has experienced, Maxim is really the second day of school,” says Maxim’s teacher Tikhonchuk. — Maxim is very modest, doesn’t like talking about himself. This boy is a true hero.

When a fire broke out in the camp, Maxim was in another building. But when he saw that the neighboring building was burning, he reacted immediately: he immediately ran into that building to get the children out.

According to Maxim, the fire broke out very quickly. Maxim broke the windows and doors — he took the children out. He saved many people. He couldn’t go into the room where the three girls had died.

There was nothing to do: the door had melted and would no longer open. Maxim is very worried about this. He even blames himself for the death of these children… I think not all adults could do what this child did.

The fire in the territory of the children’s health complex “Victoria” broke out late in the evening of September 15, 2017.

The building in which the fire broke out burned to the ground. During the fire, three children died and two others were hospitalized.

Eyewitnesses reported that several children jumped out of the building’s windows during the fire.

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