They have live togheter for 82 years: the secret to a happy marriage is undoubtedly surprising

They have lived together for 82 years: the secret to a happy marriage is undoubtedly surprising. The best advice for young couples is to talk and build trust.

These days, married couples who have lived together for decades are quite unusual.

When we ask these pretty married couples, in love for 50 to 60 years, what their secret is, the answers are rarely the same.

We remember how the couple told us not to sleep badly together, and we remember that.

Obviously, the best advice to give to young couples is to talk and build trust.

However, one North Carolina couple deserves all the fame.

And thank you for celebrating our 82nd wedding anniversary.

Additionally, the couple celebrated their 103rd anniversary and 100th anniversary.

And their simple approach to a long and happy marriage.

D.V., 103 years old. Williams and Willy Williams, 100, celebrated their birthday by dancing with family and friends at Charlotte Cathedral.

They really deserved a party.

The couple has spoken openly about their many years of marriage.

It spanned the civil rights movement and even the Great Depression, and shared the key to long-term love: compassion.

“It’s always nice to see them at such a high level and with such a good performance; It’s just joy that I’m still here,” their grandson Bi Jay Williams Grin said.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the couple are set to become the world’s oldest married couple.

Miyako Matsumoto, 100, and her partner Masau Matsumoto, 108, are the current Japanese record holders.

The woman’s tolerance is explained by the Japanese couple’s long-standing marriage

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