Man Did Something Incredible and Touching for His Blind Wife to Make Her Feel Comfortable

There were couples who married without loving each other, because marriage was their parents’ wish.

Some learned to love themselves over time, while others chose divorce.

The heroes of this story, Toshiyuki and Yasuko, are people forced into marriage even though they did not know each other.

They had three children and lived very happily. Over the years, they loved each other.

For a long time, this family has lived in peace, and Toshiyuki and Yasuko are united in everything.

They earn their living through animal husbandry, and although it is not an easy job, they do not complain about their life.

They saved money to travel to Japan and rest, but something terrible troubled them: the woman’s vision deteriorated, and doctors could not do anything about it.

Unfortunately, the woman became completely blind after a while.

The woman refused to communicate with people because she thought her condition might make them sad.

One day the man saw a garden full of pink flowers and decided to plant these flowers in his own garden for many people to come and admire.

This way his wife could interact with people.

He managed to transform his garden into a carpet of flowers, and every year many tourists came to visit the garden.

Through communication with people, the woman began to feel comfortable and more confident, and she no longer felt ashamed of her state of health.

It’s true love.

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