Meet the tattoo artist who can’t draw but has tons of clients: a fantastic case

In the bustling city of Salvador, Brazil, you’ll discover a truly unique tattoo artist who has carved out a niche for herself with a distinctive style.

Meet Helena Fernandes, the creative mind behind a renowned tattoo shop where she specializes in what she affectionately calls “tatuagens peba” or “trash tattoos.”

Helena shares her artistic journey with the world on her Instagram page, where her unconventional creations have over 170,000 followers.

What sets them apart is not only their creations, but also the pure joy of their satisfied customers who demonstrate their artistic talent.

Helena’s path to tattooing was itself quite unconventional.

With a university education in mechanical engineering, she was looking for a stable future in line with family and societal expectations.

However, her true passion for tattooing led her to change her career direction.

He started his Instagram page to showcase his unique creations and gradually evolved from an engineer to a versatile creative professional, including illustrator and digital influencer.

His artistic journey bears witness to his uncompromising style.

Instead of sticking to traditional tattoo techniques, Helena creates characters that are captivating, fun and surreal.

His art started on his friends’ t-shirts, bags, mugs, comics and magazines. What started as fanciful drawings evolved into a unique and elaborate artistic style.

Helena Fernandes challenged conventional norms and celebrated the imperfection of her ‘badly done’ tattoo style.

It shows the power of self-expression and the beauty of unique and personal artwork.

Her journey challenges traditional notions of beauty and offers a refreshing perspective on the art of tattooing.

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