Twins have completely different skin colors: find out how this happened: Magical story about twins

She gave birth to twins. The female has dark complexion and dark eyes, whereas the boy has light skin and green eyes. How did it take place?

The 29-year-old Englishwoman Shantel Broughton is the mother of these prodigies.

The infants were identical to one another when they were first born. But eventually the girl’s skin started to darken.

April 2022 saw the birth of the infants. However, a child’s appearance today is substantially dissimilar from what it was at birth.

The boy’s skin remained fair and his eyes remained green, while the girl’s skin and eyes darkened. The girl has brown eyes. The kids were called Ayon and Azira.

Children differ not only in appearance, but also in character. Azira’s daughter is very calm and obedient, and Aion needs an eye for an eye because he is too emotional.

Scientists say that such a phenomenon is possible only if one of the parents is a child from a multiracial family.

In such cases, the first offspring may be normal, but the second may differ in skin and eye color.

A similar phenomenon can also be the result of a genetic mutation. Regardless, situations like this happen once in a million.

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