Jim Carrey has become unrecognizable in his latest photos: his unknown appearance has fans worried

In the new image of Jim Carrey, you’ll hardly recognize him! In his latest pictures, he was no longer recognizable, which alarmed the admirers.

When the actor shared a fresh selfie on Twitter while looking anxious, his followers were alarmed.

Utterly unrecognizable in the picture. Firstly, it should be noted that the actor just turned 60.

The actor came to Twitter to upload a selfie of himself clutching a rabbit over Easter weekend.

“Happy Easter or Passover or any other excuse you may find to feel warm and fuzzy,” he captioned the shot, which depicts him with a thick gray beard and long hair.

Several followers have also noticed that Jim now resembles the late Robin Williams or Tom Hanks, who played the same role in the 2000 smash drama Cast Away.

Others noted the beloved actor’s age in the fresh image. Also, his white hair had already grown pretty visible, he is truly aging.

Jim has had a challenging few years. At the age of 30, the Bruce Almighty actor tragically lost his partner Cathriona White in September 2015.

The actor was “truly devastated,” despite the fact that Jim and Cathriona were reportedly not a couple at the time of his passing.

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