The couple wanted a fourth little one and fate gave them six at a time

My mother continued to wish for a daughter after having three boys, and luck graciously granted her wish with gears.

The close-knit Waldrop family has nine cubs. During the 22 years that Courtney and Eric were married, the wife gave birth to a boy, twins, and gears.

The first child’s parents gave him the name Sailor. Courtney became pregnant once more when my child was 3 years old, which was wonderful news for the pair.

Wales and Bridge, twins who are both boys, were born. The sons are good, but Mrs. Waldrop always desired and was prepared for a daughter.

The ultrasound revealed that the woman would give birth to six more children after becoming pregnant for the fourth time!

“If you were to ask me how I felt when I found out that we would be having six young children, I’d probably respond that I believed it would be a hopeless scenario.

It’s challenging, but you just have to get used to it and force yourself to work and live by a set schedule.

The system is what constantly and everywhere aids us in overcoming all challenges. No matter how bizarre, it’s the new normal, says Courtney.

Doctors were always on hand to provide close observation during pregnancy and childbirth.

Each cub hardly weighed more than one kilogram when it was born at the hospital in Huntsville, Alabama.

They were fragile and small when they were born. But skilled professionals were able to save every newborn’s life.

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