The little boy loves John Deere tractors: The little driver shows us his expertise

A little kid from rural New England gets the chance to meet a brand new John Deere Ground Force Peg Perego mini tractor and trailer, and you won’t believe how happy he looks! After all, “nothing works like a Deere” in the field.

Country Boy Kids is a channel where owners share their child Blake’s fun adventures on YouTube. This little guy is riding around in tractors with his pug friends and seems to be having the time of his life.

You’ll love his reaction when he sees the John Deere Mini for the first time. His eyes really spoke for him. He stood there with a sweet smile until he decided to grab some of his toys and start a tour.

You can’t miss the moment Blake discovers his father’s life-sized John Deere. He rushed towards him! Although it’s a little too big for this little country boy. The smile he shows while holding the steering wheel is priceless!

The green and yellow color of Blake’s John Deere tractor blends perfectly with the surroundings. After all, John Deere is a symbol of America’s green agricultural industry.

John Deere is a popular brand among farmers and country music fans in the United States. It is associated with agriculture, hard work, reliability, ingenuity and American perseverance.

This level of trust was not built overnight. This company supported hard-working rural people during the Great Depression. They saved America’s farms through kind initiatives and inventions and are now part of its heritage.

The John Deere tractor’s heritage dates back nearly two centuries to when the first plow was built from polished steel. They revolutionized the industry and the name John Deere has already become part of American culture.

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