The wolf came to ask for food and the forester took pity on her: Two months later three wolves came to the village and thanked the man

Stepan, the forester, heard sounds beneath the fence one winter evening and came out on the hut’s threshold to find a malnourished wolf.

He waited for a bit before bringing some frozen chicken for the animal.

Because the forest was abnormally empty in winter, the creatures had a challenging time finding food.

The beast’s behavior immediately struck the forester as unusual.

Predators dwell in their zone, hunt there, and rarely venture out near people unless they are so starving.

The wolf began to return for food more frequently, and locals began to chastise the forester – no one liked to see a wildlife creature in the community.

Stepan, on the other hand, paid no heed to them and proceeded to feed the animal.

He realized that if the wolf is starving in the winter, the settlement becomes more unsafe.

The wolf’s visits eventually ended.

Except for that human, who had become accustomed to receiving visitors, was becoming bored, as there were no guests.

Only two months later, the man heard a distinctive roaring outside the house.

The guy dashed into the yard, only to discover that the animal had brought with her two kids – family members – its offspring.

Stepan was met with silence from the animals.

The forester then understood that the wolf was most likely feeding the tiny pups the meat he had provided her all winter.

And now the whole herd has moved to a new place and the wolf has come to say goodbye.

Stepan was absolutely correct – since then, no wolf has been seen in the area.

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