This 91-year-old Veteran was eating alone before this server’s act of kindness won our hearts

The work of the waiters is really laborious and difficult.

Many of them like to make new acquaintances, but they simply do not have time to communicate with guests.

However, there are exceptions.

One of those exceptions goes by the name of Dylan Tetil.

One day, an old man was sitting at a table in a coffee bar.

As Dylan took the order, he suddenly knelt down in front of the old man.

Next to this table was a woman named Lisa, who was curious to know what was going on there.

She managed to hear that the man was 91 and a veteran.

He explained that he had lost his hearing after his service in the Second World War and had forgotten to take his hearing aid with him.

He also apologized to Dylan for talking a lot because he simply had no one to talk to.

That’s why Dylan got down on one knee, so they could communicate.

When the young waiter came with the order, he asked the old man for permission to sit down with him and chat.

The man happily agreed, and they spent some time having an interesting conversation.

The man told stories of his service and how he lost his hearing.

Lisa shared the photo and this story on social media.

Dylan’s act prompted hundreds of glowing comments.

Users appreciated the young waiter’s kind gesture and said that for older people, even 10 minutes of conversation meant a lot.

They called this duo a veteran and wonderful waiter and said a close bond between them has undoubtedly developed.

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