Shades of orange with green and black – blend to create one of the worlds most strikingly beautiful woodland birds
Only need to view one to understand why this bird is recognized as one
A blindingly bright red belly and ears pop on a bird that some call a true pinnacle of beauty – meet the scarlet-bellied mountain-tanager
A bright red belly and ear patch contrast with a bright blue rear and
Extensive streaks of silver and green and make this birds beautiful splashes of vivid crimson stand out that much more
Extensive streaking of silver, green, and ash highlights the splashes of intense scarlet on
This birds rich melodic song is enhanced in stunning fashion by a suit of luscious yellow
A bird with a greenish blue to yellow appearance that is emphasized by his
Cat brought kittens to a balcony seeking help and the 2 littles have not left each others side since
One Las Vegas family was astonished to see two poor kittens abandoned outside in
Strategically placed swathes of yellow shine on a bird that defends its territory from anything that moves
The yellow-throated miner (Manorina flavigula) is a standard size honeyeater that is gray above
A body popping bird that puts on a stunning star like display like no other – meet the greater sage grouse
A large turkey-like bird that puffs out his chest and fans his tail into
The awesome kittens found crawling on gravel road and now get a chance to run and jump
Two little kittens were found wandering on a scorching gravel road a few months
A highly handsome and rather noisy savanna loving bird whose look is topped off by a very prominent – recurved and forelock
The curl-crested jay (Cyanocorax cristatellus) is a South American Jay with a black face,
An amazing boldly patterned bird in highly black and white plumage finished off with an intensely fluorescent green and red beak
The spotted rail (Pardirallus maculatus) is a distinctive medium to big rail with thickly